What is Naija Lingo?

Naija Lingo is an online Dictionary for all your Nigerian pidgin English needs. It is a dictionary for people who want definitions to Nigerian words or slang, names and phrases and created by the people (you) who know them. Naija Lingo is an open dictionary where the users are free to add and edit words as time changes, and as the meaning of words evolve and new words are formed.
Frequently asked questions
Word of the day?
Word of the day is a randomly generated word on a day to day basis. This is shown on the home page. It is generated to help you get your feet wet.


Have you ever heard a new Nigerian slang that you didn’t know what it meant? Or a phrase that baffled you? This is where you and everyone who is interested in expanding their Pidgin English vocabulary will find answers. The Naija Lingo team with the help of the community, have set off on an ambitious goal to compile all of Nigeria’s Pidgin English for all of us to use and learn. This can only happen with your help.
Why do I have to register to add a word?
When you register it helps us manage and display the words you put in correctly. It also helps us prevent spam from the site too.

Why Nigerian Pidgin English?

Nigerian Pidgin English like any other language is derived from several other languages. It is instrumental in the communication between citizens of West African countries. But there has been little done to acknowledge it existence, we need to change that.
What or Who is a lexibutor?
Since this is a dictionary about made up words created and managed by all of us, we made up a word for our lexicon contributors too!

Why you should contribute words?

The Naija Lingo team knows they cannot make this revolution happen alone so we call on all those far and wide who want to have fun defining a new language, we have given you a space on the internet and have given you the tools to make this happen, incase you didn’t know Nigerian pidgin English is on the verge of becoming a full fledge language of its own, be part of this revolution.
How many words or definitions can I add?
Are you serious? There is no limit knock yourself out, we are building a robust dictionary here. This is a big one.

Who are the mad people that made this thing?

The Naija Lingo team currently consists of Adim Ofunne ( @adim86 ) and Obilo Nwokogba ( @obistudio ). A couple of Naija boys that enjoy speaking pidgin and take it a little too seriously.

Make we do this tin well well, e go betta for all of us. ~ Naija Lingo Team